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Anti Allergic Syrup
Dextromethorphan HBr, Chlorpheniramine Maleate Syrup and Zinc Acetate Syrup are syrup medications sold by Stallion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. The active ingredients used in the medications are effective in the treatment of several allergies.
Antioxidant Medicines
Antioxidant medicines, as the very name implies have antioxidants as primary ingredients. These are given to prevent diseases and maintain good health. These medicines must be taken only when directed by doctor or physician.
Cardiovascular Tablets
All cardiovascular related issues can be controlled and treated using cardiovascular tablets. These tablets are developed and packed carefully, to maintain their effectiveness. The packs are labeled with all important information regarding the tablets.
Gynace Medicines
From Argi-9 plus, Nubabe-F, and Nubabe-M are some of the gynace medicines produced by our company on order. We produce these medicines in tablet and granule forms. We supply these medicines to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.
Neurology Tablets
Citicoline Sodium with Methylcobalamin Tablets is the neuro tablet that we can supply. This medication is prescribed by physician to increase a brain chemical in patients. This tablet improves the function of brain.
Derma Capsules
Fungis 200 Itraconazole Capsules are derma capsules with a main ingredient as Itraconazole for treating fungal infections. A several kinds of fungal infections are treated, controlled, prevented and improved by these capsules.

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